Thursday, 16 November 2017

Understand The Use And Misuse Of Anti Biotic

The last few years have seen an overwhelming rise of people not only self diagnosing but also self medicating. Over the counter pills are a boon for those who don’t have time to go to a doctor for a mild headache or body pain, but for infections that need a trip to the doctor, people rely on over the counter anti biotic. The pill popping has gotten so bad that most medications don’t really work on people. The habit of choosing self diagnosis over visiting doctor and unrestricted use of anti biotic has resulted in serious health crisis. Antibiotics are losing their efficacy against the bacteria that cause infections in humans due to over use of anti biotic. The germs are dwelling resistance to most anti biotic are they are constantly exposed to their medication and it unregulated quantity. The dosage of their medications and their quantity has led to decline in efficiency of these medications.
Germs that inhabit our body and invade our body have the power to mutate. Through mutation and selection, germs can develop defense mechanisms against antibiotics. They can develop enzymes that would render the anti biotic inactive. They also constantly reproduce and quite fast this results in a huge number of anti biotic resistant germs rendering medication ineffective. So what can an individual do? Well the answer is adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating right, staying healthy and staying clean. A hygienic environment, healthy diet and exercise should go along way. People should avoid using antibiotics for common coughs and colds, and avoid doctors who freely prescribe antibiotics to people. It is important to get vaccinated and educate oneself about the various issues surrounding antibiotics. The habit of popping pills for all ailments must stop.
It’s easy to use a quick fix to repair things temporarily, but it hurts your body in the long run. What is essential is to remember is that your body needs long term pans. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Have annual checks ups, live by the saying, Prevention is better than cure.