Thursday, 23 March 2017

Digital Marketing Predictions & Analysis for 2017

Smart Insights into Digital Marketing that will give you an edge

Digital Marketing is getting large, complex and sassy. As you would have rung in the New Year fine-tuning marketing strategies for 2017, the most evolving field of Digital Marketing is a serious contender to your marketing success plan. The sooner you strike on the right nerve of internet users, the better the chances of staying ahead of the curve. While every industry is going gaga over this medium, it is important to understand what will or won't work in the digital year ahead.

Based on the research and association of 350 national brands, StacyDeBroff, CEO and founder of Influence-Central(a portal that connects brands with consumer insights) shares her observation about this medium that can re-define your focus as a smart marketer of 2017.

What's the game changerin the digital world?

1.   Brand Revolution through Social Media- social media has given more and more power than ever to drive, change or prioritise consumer purchasing decisions. Online reviews, shares and feedbacks influence consumer choice and thus product rankings. Brands must stay attune to these trends.

2.   AI (Artificial Intelligence) will continue to thrive - Artificial intelligence is making waves in the digital technology. As a marketer you cannot overlook the technological innovation it offers to every technology enabled service, thing, application or pinpoint analytics that predict consumer needs. Healthcare marketers brace that AI is changing Healthcare in its entirety. AI seems to be a great boon for medical practioners for diagnosis and mining medical data that makes it undeniably big.

3.    Mobile Optimization - Finally mobile has taken over the legacy of desktops and laptops. I am also probably assuming you are reading this on your mobile device. On-the-go consumerism is on the rise. Google Smart insights say 80% of internet users own a Smartphone. Innovative apps for mobiles pushes the need for a digital mobile strategy, if you haven't done it already, you cannot ignore it anymore!

4.    Intrusive marketing is a consumer turn-off- As a consumer, you would have resented those pesky tele-marketing calls, tacky magazine inserts or pop up banner Ads that go out of the way to command attention. While social media platforms have been a chosen marketing platform, 2017 is predicted to see consumers walking out of any medium that gets aggressively pushy.

5.    Big Data is Big Money- Big data has changed the way to do business for companies big and small.  The digital age has brought with it tons of data that marketers must leverage to make effective digital campaigns. Detecting changing trends, consumer behaviour and preferences can maximize a digital campaign making it more personalized with the help of Big Data. Big Data inevitably means Big Money!

Keeping the above trends in mind, outline your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy. It is time for a change now!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Leveraging The Power Of Digital Marketing Into The Healthcare Space

Digital Marketing will certainly give Healthcare a makeover! Here is why and how

Healthcare and digital marketing have not been heard going hand in hand until now, the digital age. It was then, when patients spent dull hours reading medical pamphlets or visiting clinics looking for information about best doctors and now the tech savvy, flipping screens and instantly accessing information no matter their location. Anywhere from a simple CBC test to complex Cosmetic Surgeries, healthcare has made its presence in every online forum ranging from mobile apps, social media to digital ads. The trend has actively set in with physicians as well in the strive to gain maximum visibility, so there is no escaping the digital path for both, patients and medical professionals.

Why go digital?

Medical marketing strategies worldwide have undergone massive transformation. Some interesting takeaways for healthcare marketers are as below, (insights by Think with Google’s ‘The Digital Journey to Wellness: Hospital Selection)
  • Most patients search for treatments and information related to doctors online. According to one of the research, more than 70% of internet users look for Healthcare Information Online.
  • More than 40% of consumers (patients) find social media information not only useful but trustworthy. Social is a wonderful way for patients to let out stories of their experiences online. Most of the users of social media falling in the age group of 18-24 trust medical information online through LinkedIn, Twitter and Face book, making it increasingly important for healthcare professionals to target the young audience.
  • Over 70% of patients use search engines like Google before they book appointments online out of which a 44% comprise mobile devices.
  • Digital content plays an important role in building trust among consumers. This applies particularly to medical treatments like cosmetic surgery where a doctor's review plays a significant role in the patient's decision making. With reviews being searched extensively, online reputation management through digital marketing remains critical. Building a good brand for healthcare professional becomes easy with online marketing.
  • Youtube attracts over 119% year on year increase in traffic to hospital sites. It is more likely that doctors and hospitals find their potential audience on you tube, a highly acknowledged marketing platform.

What is trending in medical healthcare in the digital space?

  • Emergence of e-patients (both existing and new)
  • Proliferation of online health video, consumers watch more of health videos featuring doctors than food or other topics
  • Impact of Mobile traffic. With more than 50% of web traffic coming from mobile device and mobile apps, the spends on digital marketing on this medium is expected to grow.
  • Community building. Creating a community around the brand with patient testimonials helps to educate and inform consumers.
  • Indian healthcare market is likely to show a growth of a CAGR of 23%. IT health care which is valued at US $1 is poised for 1.5 times growth by the year 2020.
  •  Marketing budgets shifting to digital continues to show a positive trend.  

So what is the bottom line? If you as healthcare marketer is not on the internet, you are missing out on a big chunk of prospective consumers, your potential healthcare audience!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Get a confidence lift with breast lift surgery

A women’s body undergo several changes after childbirth and due to hormones. These changes are at times not overwhelming. They change the entire body anatomy. Saggy breast is one such change, A drooping breast never looks attractive. So, one solution is to opt for breast lift surgery. You should consult the surgeon before opting for the surgery.

Let us first explain the procedure of breast lift surgery:

The surgery will improve the appearance of droopy breasts. This is a very safe surgery and there will be no scars left after the surgery. Most women are concerned about the fact that whether they will be able to breast fed their child. Do not worry; with proper medication and care, you will be able to feed your child. The procedure of breast lift is in scientific term known as Mastopexy. The procedure can be carried out by several different techniques. 

In the procedure of Mastopexy, pleats of surplus skin are removed from underneath the breast, the breast itself is remodeled into a tighter cone and the nipples are repositioned at a higher level so that they lie at the points of the tightened breasts. Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola.  In case the breast is droopy and saggy the size can be increased during the operation by placing silicone breast implants underneath the tightened breasts. The best results are achieved in women with small sagging breast although breasts of any size can be lifted. As opposed to the beliefs, there will be no problem with pregnancy. It is a very safe surgery.

The patient can continue their normal work after few days of rest after the surgery. The surgery gives the breast a lifted look and firmness. Results of the breast lift will vary depending on the various body types, age, and other factors. Some women are likely to have better results than others. You must follow doctor’s instruction religiously after the surgery is completed. There might be some swelling and pain after the surgery is done. You must lead a disciplined life if you want to maintain results forever your life.

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