Thursday, 15 February 2018

Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It

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Patient management software” (PMS) is the term used to describe  a well-organized computerized systems for recording patient information, diagnosis, prescription, exchanges and any medical history inside the realms of healthcare.  Organizations like medical clinics or hospitals need such software of procuring and managing the information from all the sources. These software applications can focus on general patient management or deal with definite processes. PMS will revolutionize the way healthcare system functions as it is designed to curb administrative expenses in healthcare system by making it more efficient and simple.

Solo practices, profit considerably from computerization of patient records as they have limited resources. A patient management solution makes record keeping, patient appointment scheduling, claims processing and billing functions more efficient. The physician has instantaneous access to patient information and a dependable technique for updating relevant information and other vital data. This will help the doctor and will help keep his work functioning smoothly. Larger clinics and hospitals have the benefit of making patient-related data management better organized. PMS enables the system to provide more exact, appropriate and enhanced quality of patient care. A complete patient management program facilitates direct record transfers and improves the way the entire system functions. This also helps organizations avoid treatment error that could result from erroneous or deficient records. Such errors could be disastrous in the health care system. Trusty software that helps you avoid such mistakes is definitely a strong weapon in your arsenal. Moreover, digital storage saves a lot of space, eliminating need to cramp up the office space with patient files.

The bottom line is PMS improves competence, accurateness and helps avoid errors which is what every organization strives to achieve. PMS cuts down the number of people needed to manage this data leaves the health care staff to focus on their patients better. This helps a healthcare organization function as a well-oiled machine. A flawlessly working organization means more patients and more patients will enable the organization to reap better profit monetarily and otherwise.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Why Doctors Need

Most doctors 'do not realize that the days of 'word of mouth' publicity is over. No longer do patients recommend doctors to their family and friends. Rather they would like to be armed by information all by themselves. This means that they not only do the research but also try to find the doctor based on their reviews, ranking and locality. It is time for doctors to embrace the patients of new era who have far too much information at their disposal. The only way to keep up with the patients and quench their quest for good doctor is to be available within their search parameter. Your patient needs to know that you are not just available but also qualified and well experience. gives you that opportunity. is a website that hosts profiles and details of a number of doctors in various locations all over the world. This helps patients get in touch with the doctor of their choice according to their liking. At about clinic, a doctor's qualification, their experience, previous patient’s testimonials, before after images and more information like that is available on the website. Patients can go through each profile of doctors 'available. Instead of having patients bombard doctors with calls, doctors will be forwarded the information that they can use and contact the patient with. This is a great opportunity as patient testimonials, reviews and doctor's past work is out for there for the patients to see. Having your work and your profile displayed where a patient can evaluate it is a good opportunity. 

About clinic is the brain child of technology and brilliance. Those who wish to step into the modern era of medical services should definitely have a profile on

Monday, 22 January 2018

Yearly Checkups Are Important

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Our lifestyle has undergone major changes in the last few decades. There was a time when being healthy did not take much effort. Our food was freshly sourced, devoid of preservatives and not processed. These qualities alone made food we eat a major source of all necessary proteins. People did not have the privilege or temptations of staying sedentary for long duration. With advent of technology and progress, we have embraced a new lifestyle that is fueled by junk food and marred with little to no exercise. A few guilt-ridden souls might drag themselves all the way to the gym, but they do not last long. However, this lifestyle has been the root cause of many kinds of trouble. Lifestyle diseases are on a rise and are destroying lives quite fast. Lifestyle diseases are no longer considered an illness of the upper class. Now the young and the working middle class has maximum number of people afflicted with lifestyle disease.

The most heartening part of this fiasco is that people often do not realize that they have a problem until it is too late. There as on they do not know how badly they have treated their body is that people do not get any check ups unless they were compelled to do so by for legal, professional or financial needs. Nobody undergoes a routine checkup to take care of his or her health. This is how major diseases like cancer, diabetes, BP, cardiovascular diseases go unnoticed until the 11th hour. The best way to avoid any unforeseen health issue is by having regular check up. It is quite simple and effective. There are various healthcare packages that one could invest in and reap benefits in form of good health. These checkups will indicate how good or bad your health is. Based on these results your doctor could suggest adequate diet and medication if needed. Most people have plenty of reasons to avoid preventive healthcare services. Some say they have no time while other rue about the cost. However, it is important to notice that you may be inadvertently reducing your own life span by ignoring your health. Moreover,the cost of treatments is much higher than a simple healthcare check up.
Health care check up once or twice a year will go long way in improving your lifestyle and quality of life. Book an appointment, get your results, go see a doctor and remain healthy. Follow these simple rules and life a long, healthy and happy life.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Stay Safe In The Smog

The thick, cloying chocking blanket of smog that has engulfed the city of Delhi is a concern that will not disappear in the wind. There is more than just the environment at stake. Most people fail to understand that while they take global warming and air pollution lightly, it is one subject that everyone should have focused on hard and worked out solutions long before. Blame games aside, it is important to know that this man made environmental disaster is here and wreaking havoc on our ecosystem and our body. It is time to face the music and clear up the human mess. In the mean time, it is important to keep yourself safe and protect your body from the ill effects of smog. Here are a few tips that will come handy while we deal with smog. 

1)  Avoid outdoor activities
All those who loved exercising out of their homes need to cut it down. Stay at home and try indoor exercises or yoga. However, avoid anything that makes you breathe hard. The air outside is harmful to the lungs and should not be breathed.

2) Invest in a good mask
Given the pitiful condition of air, it is pertinent to invest in a good air mask for you and your family. Surgical and comfort masks just won't do, buy a get a respirator that is rated N95/N99/FFP3 or is 'NIOSH Approved' that filters out more than 95% of particles (larger than 0.3 microns) 

3) Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Also, consume lots of fruits and vegetable juices. Avoid any thing artificially flavored. Natural will do just fine. 

4) Important tips for people with respiratory issues
This is a frustrating time for people with asthma, emphysema and other lung ailments. Anyone battling the aforementioned aliments should keep their medications with them all the time. They should always have their inhalers with them wherever they go. 

5) Keep the children safe
Children are more susceptible to health issues so it is pertinent that they are informed of the risk. Do not let them play outside the home or schools. Limit any amount of time they have to be outside the home. Ensure that they wear their masks all the time. 

6) A good air purifier
Quality of air inside your homes and offices can be just as bad as outside it.  Invest is a good air purifier for cleaning the indoor air. Running it for a few hours a day will keep the air clean. 

7) Don't ignore any health issues
Prepare an allergy kit and keep medications for any signs of respiratory issues. Do not ignore any symptoms especially if you have a family member, friend or a co-worker with respiratory illness. It is better to be prepared than panic. 

9) Indoor garden
An indoor air is a great way to cleanse your home and office. Natural air purifiers like Aloe Vera and Spider Plant get rid of pollutants and are soothing to the eyes. 

10) Eat right
Eat healthy food that is rich in vitamin C. fruits like lemons, melons, grapes, papaya, kiwis help fight smog-related airborne toxins. Among vegetables, include peas, cauliflower, cabbage, okra, red bell peppers, and broccoli in your daily diet.

11) Clothing
Wear loose, light and comfortable clothing. Dress according to the season, but wear something that will help your body breathe easy. 

12) Avoid indoor air pollution
Stop smoking indoor. Avoid using candles, fireplaces or gas stoves if possible. Stop using vacuum cleaner because vacuuming swirls up particles inside your home and adds to the indoor pollution.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Preparing For A Doctor's Appointment

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A doctor’s appointment need not be a gargantuan task; it can be as simple as any other daily activity if you plan well ahead. An annual physical check up should be a part of your health regime and you should take every aspect of it seriously. Your health and your doctor’s ability to treat you and help you stay healthy depend on it.  There are a few key things your doctor needs you to know before you venture out for your check up, knowing and following these points will make your heck up easier on you and your doctor.

1)      Be Punctual

Time is important to both you and your doctor. You may have all day, but your doctor has quite a few patients. Ensure that you are on time for Your Appointments. Make sure you reach your doctor’s clinic on time or before time.

2)      Medical History

You must know your medical history, but sometimes it’s good to know your family’s as well. A lot of diseases and health issues are hereditary. If you know your family’s health history, it will help you greatly. This is particularly important if you aren’t visiting your family physician.

3)      Medical Records

Bring your medical records so that your doctor has a complete record of your medical history. These records help doctors keep a track of your health and the medicines you have taken, the procedures you have undergone and stay updated on your allergies as well.

4)      Ask And You Shall Receive

Ensure that you have your questions ready and ask for the medicines that you need. Any information no matter how unimportant you think regarding your health has no use during your checkup.

5)      Stick To Your Problems

Talk about you, your health issues, and your concerns. Don’t try to attach issues of your family members during your consultations. Stick to the reason that you are there for. Your doctor can treat you based on your examination not the others that you seek help for.

6)      Time Managements

Keep it short and crisp. Do not waste your doctor’s time on silly issues. No matter how friendly you and your doctor might be, there are other patients waiting for help. Ensure that you are ready for the visit in all ways. Your medical records, test reports and other details should be ready so your doctor can save yours and their time.

7)      A Good Patient Is Patient, Patient

Patience is a virtue. You will need to be patient with the appointment, check up, taking the medicines and waiting for your results. A good patient must be patient while waiting for the result of their procedures or medical reports.