Friday, 14 July 2017

Headline: Doctors and internet can be friends

Ask any doctor today and they might tell you internet is the bane of their existence. People all over the world are on a path of self diagnosis like never before and come to doctor staying ‘I know I have prostate cancer because Google told me so’. Self diagnosis aside, doctors are also forever grieved by the number of misleading information internet provides to the people. However, one positive aspect of internet is that it can lead people right to you and the services you offer. Social media and websites are the most beneficial to the doctors in more than one way. Doctors can not only connect with their patients they can also grasp the latest buzz in the world of internet.

So it brings us to the million dollar question why should doctors use the internet? As mentioned before, it is one of the best ways to connect with people and to make sure that your services reach your patients in the best way possible.

Start a library

Post blogs, links to your articles, journal articles and other online resources that you deem credible.  These will not only help you but also help the patients who follow you. Patients turn to the internet for their medical queries and come up with random diagnosis. You can put an end to it by providing answers that will soothe their worries, educate them or even lead them to the right professionals.

Find collaborators  

The internet is great in helping you connect with likeminded professionals. It is always good to have collaborators who can help you with a tricky diagnosis or better opportunity.  Science is a team sport an strength lies in number.

Grow your practice

Let the patients find you rather than waiting for a referral.  For example when someone searches “best [your specialty] in [your area]” your name should be listed among the top names. This helps your practice grow. Given the high number of people relying on internet for all their queries, this is one great way to grow your practice as you lead more people to you.

Manage what patients can see
Patients rely on reviews and comments left by patients and other doctors. The internet is far more powerful in providing a better reference than you think. With the internet, you can manage what patients see about you. Have yourself listed on websites, answer quires and keep an eye on your ranking. Patients are already keeping an eye on the websites.

Manage your professional reputation. 

Websites that advertise your services are quite helpful in managing your reputation. Any kind of lawsuit or penalizing actions from your medical board are very gravely destructive even if they are baseless. A little bit of active web presence can counter worthless or damaging information that can potentially ruin your reputation.  You can manage your own reputation with internet by your side.

Performance analytics  

Internet will allow you and others to analyze your own performance. You could show the number of times your papers have been read or cited, compare your rank to your colleagues. Measure the number of visitors on your website visitors etc.


The internet may have too much information but it is also a great learning ground. You can gather the latest information online and research it in all ways possible. 

Advance your career.

By making it easy for people to find you and all about your services, you can advance your career like never before. It’s not just writing articles that gets you ahead. You have to utilize it in more than one way be it with videos online or interactive services. Internet is a great place for experiments. .

What makes this easier on you is when you stop thinking about web activity as unsavory self-promotion.   You need to understand that a successful academic career depends on people being acquainted with your work and your name. Disseminating knowledge helps the advancement of science and internet allows that. In future you much look at this boon of science as one the best thing that has happened to the world of medicine and to you as a professional. Allow internet to broaden your horizon as a professional as your help yourself and your career grow.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Researching Your Doctor On The Internet

Google has opened doors of globalization like nothing else. This vortex of knowledge is an open window for anyone who wants to know about anything in the world. Unfortunately, this means a lot of people Google everything, including their medical symptoms to decide what is wrong with them. To begin with, people can use the internet to better their search for good medical doctors rather than googling symptoms and self medication. But today internet research on its own is a task. With the use of one simple keyword you can find 1000s of doctors around you, however finding doctors alone is not enough. Before you zero down on a physician you need to make sure that not only do you have the right doctor but also all the right information about the person you are going to entrust your health and well-being with.

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to make the right choice when it comes to finding the right doctor. It is essential to research your doctor well before you pick them. Here are a few tips that will take you to the doctor who best suits your needs.

1)    Find a doctor online

Now this is probably the easiest yet the trickiest part of finding your doctor. The best way to find a good doctor is to use a trustworthy website that caters to booking appointments with doctors. These websites are especially designed to help you connect with doctors’ nearest to you with all the details that you will need.

2)    Avoid pointless googling

Google will give you a lot of information based on the kind of keyword you use. But it is essential to use the right keyword for right actions. Use keywords like the city, state with doctor, primary physician, cardiologist, skin specialist etc while researching doctors online. This will lead you to the right results.

3)    Check the qualifications

Your doctor should have necessary certifications by this we mean your doctor should be board certified. Check their qualification on online and determine if it suits your needs. Check their website if they have any and look for what they specialize in.

4)    Search for unsavory news

Many doctors are often sued for malpractices. It is essential to know if your doctor has a gory past like that. Make sure you use the right keywords to find out if the doctor in question has been involved in questionable activities.

5)    Check the online reviews

As with any services that one might search online it is important that you look for online reviews of the doctor. Websites these days help you find out not only a particular doctor’s credentials, their experience also their individual skill with various medical practices. Patient testimonials are insights into a doctor’s ability.

While all of these will help you gain a good sight into the doctor you would like to set up an appointment with, it is also essential to visit their clinic, check the place, the staff and other amenities. The internet is a credible source, but it’s not the only source for information about a doctor and his services. Using internet wisely and well can give you the best results while looking for doctors. It is important to remember that online and real life is different things. One must have realistic expectations before meeting their doctor in real life.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Top 3 Ways To Improve Patient Experience

Your patients are an integral part of your medical practice. Well treated patients enhance medical practice and ultimately boost your revenue.In today’s digital era, patient experience is much more far reaching than what it was ten years ago.

Accenture’s prediction states that by 2019, 64% of all Healthcare Appointments will be scheduled digitally and it’s clear that providers and doctors find themselves right in the middle of a huge turning point in the patient experience history. With the deluge of customers turning to internet to search for doctors and treatment online, most caretakers may not be ready to provide the kind of results patients are looking for and what impacts is the patient’s experience.

A significant hurdle faced by the physicians has been tackled with the advent of e-surveying and online patient feedbacks. Substantial changes in improvement strategies can be implemented to improve their performance and allow a significant and sustainable change.

Improving patient experience does not take huge resources or massive investments in technology, but a few simple yet effective online tools to boost the future of patient care in patient experience.

Here are top 3 solutions to implement change and improve patient care:

  1. Implement a robust “Find a Doctor” search platform- A robust online scheduling platform will lead to better experience for patients with quality and convenience offered to urgent care as compared to traditional booking systems. Aligning demand and supply, a search platform will provide timely, easy and accurate access to healthcare and elevate patient experience.
  2. Learn from User experience and view patients holistically–Pre-visit to post visit are vital phases of patient experience and is very crucial in the patient engagement process. Designing a rewarding patient experience from pre-visit to post-visit with innovative marketing strategies for appointments, follow ups with a patient centric approach with an interface encompassing all such aspects will naturally build trust and loyalty.
  3. Physicians need to become “health designers”- The host of information with easy access to internet has given patients everything they need right at their fingertips. What they don’t have is an expert to put all the information together in the right format to offer as a holistic solution. The future of patient care lies in optimizing patient experience.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Benefits Of Online Appointment Scheduling For Doctors And Patients

Booking appointments, reminders, cancellations and follow ups are a regular and towering task of every front office of any business, be it salons, holiday makers or healthcare organizations. The traditional mechanisms of completing these tasks are not juts cumbersome and time consuming but more often lead to greater inefficiencies resulting in dropping revenues. Given, how much time customers spend time online for various service offerings, it’s no surprise they would be comfortable and desirous to make their medical appointments online. When it comes to healthcare, both caretakers and clients would not only appreciate the convenience but find better flexibility and transparency with an online booking interface with the ease of getting things done at a tapping of screen icon.

Below we discuss how employing an online appointment system can confront common appointment challenges and generate more satisfied patients, and, ultimately, more revenue.

  • Managing Appointment Requests- One of the serious challenges of healthcare organizations is the huge amount of time spent by office staff in managing new appointments. The physical method entails substantial dependency on patient’s availability, lack of alternate contact numbers, potentially leading to no appointments at all. With an online appointment system, there are significant benefits both to patients and doctors allowing greater patient flexibility with a live preference list and financial advantages to the doctors in streamlined processes. It gives the power to the patient to cancel an appointment online, while automatically allowing another potential customer to be made available for doctors.
  • Manage your calendar better- Online booking systems allow you to review scheduled appointments, wherever you are. It can also show you when your most requested appointment times are, so you can consider putting on extra staff, and what type of appointments are most popular.
  • Reduces strain on office resource – Telephone appointments often stretch beyond minutes, with patients discussing alternate time slots, doctor’s fees, waiting time and gathering other information. With patients going online for booking appointments, your staff can focus and allocate time for other potential causes that has greater value to your practice.
  • Better information management- Patient management is easier and efficient with online systems. They help you with detailed reports about no-shows along with history of medical checkups and related medical tests that can be utilised to make careful medical considerations for patient healthcare. With information stored online, redundant data can be eliminated and replaced with updated records. In short, this means improving patient’s health and safety.
Now is the time healthcare should leverage the power of technology to improve patient healthcare and integrate online scheduling systems to advance the quality of their service and look at better revenues. Online Appointment scheduling systems are definitely a step forward for these medical service providers.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Brilliant But Easy Ways To Build Your E-Mail Marketing List

 The common buzzwords of online marketing that you probably most hear of are- social media, SEO, content marketing and video content marketing. But did you miss out on one of the most powerful tools that top the performance marketing channel across industries? According to a recent analysis E- mail marketing is one of the most heavily used communication platform that supersedes many like Facebook or Twitter when it comes to driving sales.It allows you to connect directly with your customers and a proven way of keeping them informed. A high impact yet a low cost way of delivering your communication to a targeted audience is what E-mail marketing does, and before you had your doubts if it works, this has a number of advantages over other platforms to keep it not just alive but kicking!

Build a great E-mail list!

Without a robust E-mail list all your efforts in leveraging the power of E-mail marketing is a lost marketing effort. If you are serious about growing your business, the first step begins with creating a healthy E-mail marketing list that is on track with your target customers and a high quality data free of errors or incomplete information.

To begin with a scratch may seem like a daunting task, so here are a few ideas that can help you get started and get you the best quality leads-
  • Encourage your clients to sign up for your website using the following strategies:  
             o    Subscribe to newsletters on your website
             o    Offer content up gradation on newsletter subscription
             o    Integrate an E-mail list signup form on every blog post on your website
             o    Use an exit group encouraging your visitors to sign up for newsletters
  • Run Online Contests – Sponsor a contest with small prizes like gift vouchers to encourage clients to join your email list.
  • Engage through Social Media- Participation in social media is a sure way of reaching out to new audience. Promote your newsletter content through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter providing them with a link to subscribe.
  • Encourage subscribers to forward -It is noteworthy, that recipients of forwarded E-mail communication are more likely to subscribe themselves because they got a recommendation from someone they trust. So make sure to include a forward-to-a-friend link in your E-mail.
  • Use E-mail signature- Encourage all your employees to use email signatures in their correspondence that contain an email signup link. It is one of the best ways to turn your E-mail signature into an instant lead machine!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Building Better Relationship With Your Clients With Social Media

How do you go about building trust and reputation with your clients that are predominantly present in the online world? Connecting with them in person gives a perceivable understanding of their expressions, needs and feelings. But what about gauging their perception and building an equally strong reputation online? Surely as a successful digital marketer, you don’t want to lose that human feel when you engage with your clients online or in the social media space.

Social Media is a staple in the digital platform leveraged by all marketers to drive business, branding and reputation. There is no dispute that given the indicative number of users across various social media channels (as stated below), this very powerful medium needs careful planning and execution to  enhance your business’ reputation, improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

So here are a few key takeaways that will not only help you attract new client to your business but also build trust and reputation with the help of social media:

  • Identify your client’s needs- One of the most basic principles of social media is to focus on your client’s needs in advance and offer quality services/information they would be looking for. According to Steve Jobs, it is important to guess what your customers require in advance as they themselves are most unaware of what they actually require.
  • Effective and quick response-This is just as important as posted valuable content, responding within the quick TAT (turnaround time), not only makes them feel heard but also helps in resolving customer issues in real-time. Be confident to address negative comments and grievances promptly, it leads to positive customer experience following better revenue.
  • Maintain brand consistency- The tone of your brand message should be uniform across the different channels of communication. This can refer to the use of content, logo, layout and style of communication material, your response to your clients should all uniformly present your brand image across social media channels.
  • Reward your customers- One of the easiest and best ways to gain your customer’s trust and confidence is to reward them for their loyalty. This creates a sense of feeling loved and special. A simple monthly completion run on Facebook or Instagram can be one of the ways to keep them engaged and showing them that you care with enticing rewards.
  • Share Testimonials from happy clients- After a job/ service is delivered, encourage your clients to share their testimonials on your social media pages. This is one of the smartest ways to leverage your client’s positive experience and building a positive brand reputation and image.
The above simple ways when implemented will ensure trust; credibility and a lifetime of loyal customers that will get your brand thrive. Use the power of social media to help your business stand out from the rest and give you an edge over the competition.

Friday, 12 May 2017

A Positive Patient Experience Will Improve Your Practice

The concept of patient experience is an extremely important measurement of your practice’s success. Patient satisfaction aspects from scheduling appointments on time, minimizing waiting hours, patient education and follow up care are critical, but if improved and worked upon can not only contribute to better clinical outcomes but also reduce costs. Communication is especially important when it comes to patient caring. Having an open line of communication leads to better engagement, reduces risk exposure and gives a greater feeling of trust and satisfaction among patients.

Apart from the use of intelligent data and analytics can ensure patient satisfaction scores, here are 5 key steps you can take to make that change in your practice:
  1. Treat Patients with Care and Attention- Patients often get an impression that medical practitioners are impolite and straight forward in their interactions making them feel unimportant. The result of this approach has negative consequences to your practice’s growth. Everyone likes to be acknowledged, so do patients. Personal connections, care and courtesy from providers go a long way in building healthy doctor-patient relationships.
  2. Make your website patient friendly and engaging- Today’s information savvy patients judge you even before they meet you. Employing an online appointment scheduling system, specifically through patient portals can have financial benefits for the organization while making the experience more patient-friendly. A well designed website that is interactive with patient engagement tools, like appointment links, chat box and informative articles creates a positive impression about your practice.
  3. Clear, effective and Timely Communication- Honing your and your staff’s communication skills from introduction to post consultation stage makes them feel re-assured, comfortable and confident. Accurate communication that leaves no ambiguity or room for doubt,maximizes your practice’s performance and patient results.
  4. Commit to Timeliness- Create a system that promptly answers and returns phone calls and emails on time.  Communication within established time frames reinforces accountability and is an important measure to track performance. Avoid long waiting hours by establishing a system that tracks patient’s check-in. By doing so you demonstrate hospitality, positive attitude and respect for your patients.
  5. Customize Patient Experience- There is no one approach that fits all. Your patients belong to different age groups, culture and interests. While some will flock on to technology to access information, others may prefer a face-to-face interaction. Personalize your communication to all levels of your patient interactions to ensure your uniformity in communication and patient satisfaction.
Go the extra mile to make your patients feel as comfortable as possible — that can really have a huge positive effect on your practice.