Friday, 19 May 2017

Brilliant But Easy Ways To Build Your E-Mail Marketing List

 The common buzzwords of online marketing that you probably most hear of are- social media, SEO, content marketing and video content marketing. But did you miss out on one of the most powerful tools that top the performance marketing channel across industries? According to a recent analysis E- mail marketing is one of the most heavily used communication platform that supersedes many like Facebook or Twitter when it comes to driving sales.It allows you to connect directly with your customers and a proven way of keeping them informed. A high impact yet a low cost way of delivering your communication to a targeted audience is what E-mail marketing does, and before you had your doubts if it works, this has a number of advantages over other platforms to keep it not just alive but kicking!

Build a great E-mail list!

Without a robust E-mail list all your efforts in leveraging the power of E-mail marketing is a lost marketing effort. If you are serious about growing your business, the first step begins with creating a healthy E-mail marketing list that is on track with your target customers and a high quality data free of errors or incomplete information.

To begin with a scratch may seem like a daunting task, so here are a few ideas that can help you get started and get you the best quality leads-
  • Encourage your clients to sign up for your website using the following strategies:  
             o    Subscribe to newsletters on your website
             o    Offer content up gradation on newsletter subscription
             o    Integrate an E-mail list signup form on every blog post on your website
             o    Use an exit group encouraging your visitors to sign up for newsletters
  • Run Online Contests – Sponsor a contest with small prizes like gift vouchers to encourage clients to join your email list.
  • Engage through Social Media- Participation in social media is a sure way of reaching out to new audience. Promote your newsletter content through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter providing them with a link to subscribe.
  • Encourage subscribers to forward -It is noteworthy, that recipients of forwarded E-mail communication are more likely to subscribe themselves because they got a recommendation from someone they trust. So make sure to include a forward-to-a-friend link in your E-mail.
  • Use E-mail signature- Encourage all your employees to use email signatures in their correspondence that contain an email signup link. It is one of the best ways to turn your E-mail signature into an instant lead machine!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Building Better Relationship With Your Clients With Social Media

How do you go about building trust and reputation with your clients that are predominantly present in the online world? Connecting with them in person gives a perceivable understanding of their expressions, needs and feelings. But what about gauging their perception and building an equally strong reputation online? Surely as a successful digital marketer, you don’t want to lose that human feel when you engage with your clients online or in the social media space.

Social Media is a staple in the digital platform leveraged by all marketers to drive business, branding and reputation. There is no dispute that given the indicative number of users across various social media channels (as stated below), this very powerful medium needs careful planning and execution to  enhance your business’ reputation, improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

So here are a few key takeaways that will not only help you attract new client to your business but also build trust and reputation with the help of social media:

  • Identify your client’s needs- One of the most basic principles of social media is to focus on your client’s needs in advance and offer quality services/information they would be looking for. According to Steve Jobs, it is important to guess what your customers require in advance as they themselves are most unaware of what they actually require.
  • Effective and quick response-This is just as important as posted valuable content, responding within the quick TAT (turnaround time), not only makes them feel heard but also helps in resolving customer issues in real-time. Be confident to address negative comments and grievances promptly, it leads to positive customer experience following better revenue.
  • Maintain brand consistency- The tone of your brand message should be uniform across the different channels of communication. This can refer to the use of content, logo, layout and style of communication material, your response to your clients should all uniformly present your brand image across social media channels.
  • Reward your customers- One of the easiest and best ways to gain your customer’s trust and confidence is to reward them for their loyalty. This creates a sense of feeling loved and special. A simple monthly completion run on Facebook or Instagram can be one of the ways to keep them engaged and showing them that you care with enticing rewards.
  • Share Testimonials from happy clients- After a job/ service is delivered, encourage your clients to share their testimonials on your social media pages. This is one of the smartest ways to leverage your client’s positive experience and building a positive brand reputation and image.
The above simple ways when implemented will ensure trust; credibility and a lifetime of loyal customers that will get your brand thrive. Use the power of social media to help your business stand out from the rest and give you an edge over the competition.

Friday, 12 May 2017

A Positive Patient Experience Will Improve Your Practice

The concept of patient experience is an extremely important measurement of your practice’s success. Patient satisfaction aspects from scheduling appointments on time, minimizing waiting hours, patient education and follow up care are critical, but if improved and worked upon can not only contribute to better clinical outcomes but also reduce costs. Communication is especially important when it comes to patient caring. Having an open line of communication leads to better engagement, reduces risk exposure and gives a greater feeling of trust and satisfaction among patients.

Apart from the use of intelligent data and analytics can ensure patient satisfaction scores, here are 5 key steps you can take to make that change in your practice:
  1. Treat Patients with Care and Attention- Patients often get an impression that medical practitioners are impolite and straight forward in their interactions making them feel unimportant. The result of this approach has negative consequences to your practice’s growth. Everyone likes to be acknowledged, so do patients. Personal connections, care and courtesy from providers go a long way in building healthy doctor-patient relationships.
  2. Make your website patient friendly and engaging- Today’s information savvy patients judge you even before they meet you. Employing an online appointment scheduling system, specifically through patient portals can have financial benefits for the organization while making the experience more patient-friendly. A well designed website that is interactive with patient engagement tools, like appointment links, chat box and informative articles creates a positive impression about your practice.
  3. Clear, effective and Timely Communication- Honing your and your staff’s communication skills from introduction to post consultation stage makes them feel re-assured, comfortable and confident. Accurate communication that leaves no ambiguity or room for doubt,maximizes your practice’s performance and patient results.
  4. Commit to Timeliness- Create a system that promptly answers and returns phone calls and emails on time.  Communication within established time frames reinforces accountability and is an important measure to track performance. Avoid long waiting hours by establishing a system that tracks patient’s check-in. By doing so you demonstrate hospitality, positive attitude and respect for your patients.
  5. Customize Patient Experience- There is no one approach that fits all. Your patients belong to different age groups, culture and interests. While some will flock on to technology to access information, others may prefer a face-to-face interaction. Personalize your communication to all levels of your patient interactions to ensure your uniformity in communication and patient satisfaction.
Go the extra mile to make your patients feel as comfortable as possible — that can really have a huge positive effect on your practice.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Unlock New And Personalized Marketing Practices For Cosmetic Surgeons

Marketing techniques for cosmetic surgery and the aesthetic industry is a speciality in the medical industry that needs a competitive and pro-active plan. When it comes to elective procedures in plastic surgery, it needs a special consideration in identifying your demographics, your competition and current surgery trends to get an idea of where you should focus your efforts.

Putting an effort to attract the right patient, convert and retain them in today’s ever competitive environment will involve understanding these patients, why they chose you over all the others stay loyal to you and refer their friends to you. Then there is also the need to effectively communicate with your target patients. Patients in this highly informative world, have to be spoken in their language that makes them feel comfortable enough to address and reach out their concerns. Effective communication between provider and patient should be a two-way street, allowing the patient to communicate back with you.

Here are some marketing strategies that will help you boost your patient base and change more lives:

Internet Marketing to drive in targeted traffic - Commonly referred to as online marketing is the most significantly practiced marketing practice to target right customers with huge ROI’s and pay-offs. Broken down to areas such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimization, internet marketing addresses more than 75% of plastic surgery patients looking for Cosmetic Surgeons Online. The target market for such audience should be defined taking into consideration patient age, demographics, education, income levels and psycho graphics.

Craft your online presence with positive and decisive branding - A positive brand perception helps in expediting the client’s decision. Positive experiences, reviews and relationships build a unique reputation and help position your brand in the minds of your prospective patients. Online reputation management with regular review management and increasing patient interactions and engagement creates a positive image and brand.

Promote via Website and Social Media - Most patients follow traditional paths of reviewing your website content that lists your services, provides testimonials and demonstrates your surgery skills with an assortment of before and after photos. Promoting Facebook videos of procedure with details will benefit them with a visual experience and help answer many questions they may have in mind. Facebook Ads are yet another way to spread the message about your practice fast and cost effective. Knowledge is power. Promoting useful and informative content through blogs can increase viewership and help them stay engaged.

Employ Brand Ambassadors - Your previous patients are the biggest resource of your referrals and will encourage new ones to consider aesthetic procedures. Partnering with brand ambassadors who have credible following will help advocate your brand to new clients and optimize your marketing efforts.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Smart Ways To Boost Your Practice’s Online Presence

Today with the digital revolution, everything about a doctor and his practice can be found with a simple search button. But building a healthy and successful online presence may be a daunting and overwhelming task. No matter what the type of business, restaurant, hotel, electronic gadgets, cars or even physicians now are decided based on online reviews and web presence.  It is not just about grabbing the client’s eyeballs, but making your online presence strong, impressive and trustworthy.

Attracting new patients and holding on to existing ones requires optimizing your web presence across multiple channels and capitalizing on consumer-driven trends. Here are a few insights into ensuring your online presence is accurate and optimized:

  • Get your directory updated -The first and foremost step would be to make sure your medical information is accurate on physician rating sites and medical directories. Doctor search directories should be made valuable with a unique profile photo, customized bio (your story, experience, treatment and philosophy) and an updated insurance plan that your patients can accept.
  • Get listed on Google My Business –It is a no brainer that Google is supreme and it is absolutely imperative that you feed your practice information to Google. Making your prospective patients find you is most vital to any medical practice and Google My Business is one such platform that empowers your patients to locate you through the tools like Maps, Google+ and Google places. Make sure you update your business information to Google from time to time in order to provide your patients the maximum, correct information in hand.

  • Get a Mobile Optimized Website- Claimed as one of the best SEO practice, a mobile friendly website means that your visitors( patients ) have an optimized experience accessing your website from any device, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. To see if your current website is mobile optimized, copy/paste the URL into Google’s handy Mobile Friendly Tester.

Key Takeaway

Building an optimized online presence is not something to stress about but to get started. A Healthy Online presence will not only help you connect with the right clients but also help you establish your brand and benefit your practice in the long run. It is however not a one time practice and requires continuous updates and patient engagement mechanisms to amplify your business potential. Feedbacks and reviews must be monitored and responded to ensure an open line of communication. Online presence when implemented adequately and precisely will make you shine!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Creating A Winner Marketing Plan For Your Prospective Patients

There was time when patients sought out to doctors, but given the increasing number of medical practitioners, it is the doctors who are battling to attract patients, new and returning in order to maintain a healthy and profitable relationship among them. With advances in technology, patients now have access to quality healthcare and detailed information in going about choosing the right medical practitioner.This evidently calls for a result driven, easy to implement marketing plan that will pay off in the competitive years and drive their profession to new heights. The focus of the marketing plan should be to ensure that the treatments and services offered best meet the patient’s need. 

Marketing Plan that focuses on Patient Acquisition to Patient Engagement
A flexible marketing strategy that responds to changing market situations is the key to improving patient acquisition and managing long term business sustenance. As a medical practitioner you need to know where you are heading to go in order to plan how to get there. It is then, that you can target the right patient with the right message at the right time.

 These are a few steps outlined to help you devise a Medical Marketing Strategy that will help you grow your business efficiently:
  • Identify who you are and where you want to go: Begin your marketing strategy with a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) analysis. This will help you discover your key potential that differentiates you from the rest and give you a clear idea as to which type of patients you would want to attract and promote your practice accordingly.
  • Design your sales funnel and marketing plan: When you know who your potential patients are, design your marketing plans and channels they are most likely to access. For example the age group of your patients will help you decide the ratio of online and offline marketing mix that is ideal for your business.
  • Targeted online advertising for Patient Acquisition: Your patient acquisition process should meet the evolving needs and surroundings of your patients. An effective advertising campaign should entail a selected target audience and deploy strategies to optimize your business position and bring a call to action (call for an appointment).
  • Patient Retention & Engagement Strategies: Patient engagement strategies should help attract new patients as well as builds long term relationships. Just like other staff, patients also need to be made to feel special. Automated E-mail marketing campaigns that will send notifications,updates, newsletters and routine check up reminders for example, are excellent engagement tools that ensure optimum patient relationship and repeat business.
The Bottom Line 
A famous quote by Zig Ziglar says: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

A good marketing strategy is not just the application of the 5P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People) to meet your requirements in driving your medical practice but also that which drives your reputation and branding. The key to a thriving medical practice is about maintaining a perfect balance of the medical marketing techniques that focuses on “staying in touch with patients”, “understanding their evolving needs” and “delivering results through a tactical plan”.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Medical Marketing Challenges Faced By Doctors And Ways To Resolve Them

There are many accomplished doctors we come across who are burning out an invisible battle in their everyday lives trying to find a perfect balance between a sense of satisfaction and financial well being in their profession. Regardless of the number of years dedicated to formal education and practice, most struggle to become reasonably successful while some still find it harder to break even.

The battle out there is not all fair!

Essentially there are no short cuts to the pain, patience and perseverance involved in becoming a competent and qualified medical practitioner. The journey begins with qualifying for a reputed MBBS program that takes five and half years of education coupled with a compulsory internship and eight years or more if you want to get into the specialization of your choice. In a cut-throat competitive world we live in, it may ideally take doctorsa little more than a decade (depending upon their personal expertise) to set a firm foot on establishing their practice. The agony still endures. Are you really adequately rewarded for all the slog and sweat you gave in to all these years? Have the whopping capital investments made towards beefing up your clinic infrastructure paid off? Do you still worry that despite your skills and rich experience, you may not have enough number of patients to see?

What can Doctors do to even out the odds?

There are concrete steps doctors can take to minimize these challenges and stay ahead of competition and the good news is that it is not typically taking the conventional route of upgrading systems, adding support staff and getting special training to do the kind of outreach and coordination that make a successful practice.  At AboutClinic we realize that as a good doctor, you need to maintain a steady clientele as well as attract new patients to optimize your investments, financial and academic. We can help you maximize your potential and overcome your professional barriers in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.
Some key guidelineswe suggest for communicating effectively with existing clientele and finding prospective patients are:
  • Build a professional website for your practice- this is imperative to almost any professional or business. Remember that it should be a reflection of your brand and practice.
  • Exploit the power of social media strategy with an active Facebook page & Twitter handle. Share smart and useful content for better patient engagement and spreading the word about your practice.
  • Utilize online marketing strategies like E-mail marketing to share your medical practice updates & offers to prospective patients.
  • Use Electronic referral program to identify trends and keep track of referral colleagues
  • Grow your patient base by engaging in powerful search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and reach out to more consumers and attract new businesses.

Achieving marketing success is an on-going effort with the above guidelines. However there is no “one size fits it all” approach that can work for all medical practices. At AboutClinic, we devise tailor made solutions to your marketing needs to best suit your professional objectives. Our aim is to improve patient experience, professional growth and personal satisfaction and address your marketing challenges under a single roof.
What is your biggest challenge as a physician? Let us know your concerns and find out more on what we can do for you at