Monday, 21 May 2018 – Information About The Best Doctors Near You

Booking an appointment to see your doctor and everything that follows should be a hassle free process. The days when you could simply walk into a doctor’s clinic and hope that he would be the one to help you are a thing of past. Now it’s possible to not only know your doctor’s skills before you approach them but also judge them on the basis of the information available. makes it possible for patients to have hassle free experience while not only choosing a doctor but also everything that follows. Here is how we help our patients on board.

At we help patients find and the best doctors of specific specialty in and around every area. We also facilitate accessibility to any information regarding the doctor, clinic and their services. This way the patients can find the best doctors in their city and of the specific specialty they need. Along with this, we also help with booking appointments and confirmation of appointments online with registered clinics and doctors. Any information that a patient seeks regarding the doctor and clinic is made available to the patient. This includes actualities of treatment, cost, recovery time and results. The information that we provide is beneficial to patients and helps them understand and connect with their doctor’s better. It is essential to be comfortable with the doctor you will be entrusting your health and wellbeing with. is equipped with the best innovation in digital and information technology; we are committed towards providing you a wide-ranging yet simplistic tool to guarantee that your medical needs are satisfied with just a click. We believe that precise use of technology and medical knowledge is critical in saving time and life in the long run.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Doctor's Are Going Digital

The growing advancement in healthcare sector has intermingled with the leaps and bounds in technological advancements. Today doctors not just use hi-tech machines but also use technology for purposes less altruistic. According to the ‘Think with Google-Digital Journey to Wellness’ survey, 77% patients use search engines to look for doctors and book appointments, and 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device, schedule an appointment. Give the penchant patients have for using google, it’s not surprising to see a number of doctors advertising their services and marking their presence online. is one such online platform that delivers effectual healthcare services to the patients while empowering the doctors to cope up with their practice workload.
*        Appointments are easier to plan and create using digital services. Date, hours, and time-frames are stress-free to monitor, review, and change for needed customization. The programmed reports for appointments, follow-ups, and any other changes, keeps patients informed, dipping the number of absentees that may adversely affect the day to day practice.

*       Boosted work efficacy such as less mistakes, more comprehensive records, faster right to use to records and better-quality workflow have been confirmed by doctors who have implemented and used digital platforms. Reduced amount of time is spent on gaining access to, recovering and recording patient information, giving doctors more time to focus on patient care.

*       Digital platforms empower users to combine material within a searchable electronic database. Cloud-based information storage permits users to accumulate, access, and share information expediently. Various medical apps are also offered by service providers that offer an assortment of medical resolutions.

*       Cybernetic patient checking is attaining reputation. Old, incapacitated, terminally-ill patients find it easier to access medical aid by technology. Better patient management and patient retention are essential for the success of the practitioner.

*       Research, medical references using applications for signs of illness, quantity of medication, pharmacology, communications, new patient attainment and other important medical news are enabled through the use of digital platforms.

Friday, 20 April 2018 can help you lead a healthy life

About Clinic

We have often heard that phrase that prevention is better than cure. But we rarely implement them. Given that times are changing and lifestyle diseases are on a rise, it’s time to wage a war on what will ail you in future. Our propensity to gulp aerated drinks, alcohol is further fueled by our consumption of junk food and packaged food items. We sacrifice our health on the altar of a busy life and love for tasty morsels. In the end, it takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. Which is why we saw men and women as young as 30 falling prey to hypertension, diabetes or heart ailments. Preventing all of these and far more dangerous lifestyle diseases a two-step process, one undoubtedly involves a healthy lifestyle, second is preventive health care.

Most people will not bother going to doctors unless they fall ill. By then it too late to rectify the damage that has already begun. What should really be done is take necessary precautions before it gets too far. In this day and age, it inessential to have preventive healthcare checkups on a regular basis. Your own personal physician may be good but it is essential to find someone who specializes in all aspects of body care and will ensure that you will remain healthy. The easiest way to find doctors is online. With Google at your disposal, you can learn not only about the diseases you need to look out for but also a specialist who can help you prevent them. Sites like is your best hope of finding doctors, booking an appointment and researching all about the said doctor. You can find out everything you need to know about the doctor, specialization, their work and former patient reviews which can help you decide. These steps make your quest for a better health easier and hassle-free.

Rather than turn your body into a ticking time bomb, use the advancement of science and technology to locate best doctors and live a better, healthier and rewarding life.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


The sheer number of internet users in India alone is staggering, the world surely has many more. People all over the world seek many things online, medical help is one of the things that are constantly sought. Now with google and other search engines, bringing up the world on your screen with a few clicks, nothing is impossible. Now patients aren’t just using the internet to search for information on aliments, they search their doctors too. If searching alone wasn’t enough, they also research, evaluate and in many cases recommend their doctors to the world. This is a good news for doctors everywhere. What needs to be seen is how doctors utilize this opportunity to improve their online reputation. 

Patients on internet
These days it is common for people to simply enter their symptoms in the search engines and seek information. The amount of information that in available from various sources is mind boggling. Patients usually search for symptoms, treatments and opinions. They also seek specialist for their aliments and usually choose the ones that are highly recommended. 

Not always safe
While the search for information and the knowledge gained is important, this often makes a doctor’s task difficult. medical terms, information and cases on websites can be either complex or vague. Wrong information can be dangerous for patients as well as for doctors. Armed with their online information patients often question doctors without reasons bolstered by the backing of whatever information they found online. This is why doctors need to be online, to guide the patients and help make informed choices. 

What can doctors do?
Doctors must have a steady online presence. They should have a profile on medical sites and register on sites that put them in touch with their patients, for e.g. This makes it easy for the patients to find them, engage with them and reach out to them. Doctors can also start a blog/ website, be active on social media sites like YouTube, Google +, Twitter and Facebook. Answering questions on sites like Lybrate, Quora and Real Self also helps build a doctor’s credibility. 

How will it help a doctor?
A doctor’s reputation precedes him. A doctor whose online presence is strong has a good chance of snagging the attention of patients who need their help. It is easy for patients to be swayed by any amount of information online. But information what comes from a credible source will save their lives. A doctor whose online reputation is solid,boasts of blogs, recommendations and patient testimonial will definitely be a popular medical practitioner. In turn it will help you improve your practice and help you provide service to patients who seek it.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Reasons Why Patients Should Register On

About Clinic

Most patients find their doctors through word of mouth or through recommendation. With the advent of internet, a plethora of options have opened up for patients all over the world. You need not depend on anyone’s advice or referral. You can search, find and choose the doctor you want through a few simple clicks. However, the wide chasm of information available on internet alone cannot help you determine who you should consult. Moreover, the overload of information and half available information prevents you from making the right choice and taking the right decision. Here is where about clinic can help you. About clinic is an online platform that brings doctors and patients together. Here patients can not only choose doctors, but also fix their appointments with them.Here are a few features to help you along.

*      Hassle Free Registration

Registering on About is one of the easiest things to do. The registration process sis hassle free and only takes a very little time. We understand patient confidentiality and none of the information you provide will be used without your permission. Once you register you can easily use the site to find the doctors you need.

*       Find Best Doctors

We have a huge registry comprising of doctors all over the world. It doesn’t matter what part of the old you are from and what kind of specialist you seek; we have it all. Our online registry of doctors and clinics is quite extensive and this allows you to have a wider choice. The profilesof the doctors have comprehensive information on their work, achievement and clicks which will help you make an informed decision.

*       Quick Response by Clinic

Once you connect with the doctor or clinic you wish to get in touch with, you can get a quick response. You don’t have to wait too long for them to reach out to you. In fact, once your enquiry is raised, you can expect a call from them very soon.

*       Book Your Appointment

Instead of running from pillar to post and being stumped by automated responses at the clinic, you can book your appointments online through All you need to do is choose the clinic or doctor of your choice and book at appointment with just a few clicks, all this in the comfort of your own home.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Reasons Why Doctors Should Register On

About Clinic

A website that not only allows you to communicate with patients but also promotes your business is one of the few things that you can thank the booming world of internet for. Patients now not only look for the doctors online, but also procure information about the men and women they will be entrusting their lives and well-being with. About clinic is an online platform that brings doctors and patients together. Here patients can not only choose doctors, but also fix their appointments with them. Doctors' themselves can benefit from this and its one of the best, fastest and simplest way to connect with patients.

Simple and free registration
Registration is free, that is right you do not have to pay to register. All you need to do is fill in the relevant information and your profile is ready to function. The registration includes filling in all the necessary details that will help you draw in more patients and help patients find you. Once registered your profile will be available to all those who seek your services.

 Post your treatment
You can not only post your qualification, but also your specialties. Your patients would like nothing better than testimonials from patients. Your specialties and its after results can be prominently featured on the website alongside your profile. This will not only attract more patients, but it will also give them a glimpse of what to expect with the results.

 Improve your clinic
When your qualifications, your work and your experience is freely available more people are likely to turn to you for the treatment. About clinic, also gives you the opportunity to organize your appointments and schedule patient visits as well. The amount of data that you have on patents can be carefully recorded. All information is digitized helping you save space, time and money.

 Reach global audience
Your expertise is not geographically limited as a doctor you can treat anyone who wishes to avail your services. With a website, you can reach out to anyone who wishes to avail your services. This unshackles you to explore patients all over the world and patients are free to come to you for the treatments and your expertise.