Friday, 6 October 2017

Clean India, Healthy India

There isn’t much you can do for your health if your surrounding is not just polluted but also a hub for diseases. It’s a well known fact that India desperately needs to catch up on its sanitization. The unsanitary and unhygienic condition of the country screams the callousness that reeks of our indifference towards maintaining a clean country. Communicable diseases have various means of infecting people. India has created a breeding ground for carriers of diseases and has no major plans in place to combat these issues. Starting with the open defecation, the list is endless. We have effectively polluted almost all the surfaces, including air and water. Its not the pollutants as much as the diseases that they carry that should bother you. No amount of mosquito repellent will keep them out and diseases like diarrhea and flu can spread to you no matter how safe you try to stay.
The culprit has always been the careless human kind that resides with no thoughts as to how they abuse their surrounds. One may not thinks much about throwing away a wrapper of chocolate on their stress but it always escalates. People all over the city love pets but rarely do clean up after them. Animal waste carries same out of harmful diseases and not to mention they make grounds and streets dirty. The open defecation and urination is yet to be tackled half the city lacks proper drainable, huge open gutters are breeding hub for all sorts of viruses and bacteria. The question is how do we start? And what do we do? The answer is sky is the limit no amount of action that you take towards keeping your surrounding clean is small or unimportant.
It’s time to put the idiom ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ in action. Having cleaner surrounding will not only eliminates disease causing agents, it will also help curb the amount of disease carrier. Be aware of your surrounding and ask local authority for a through sanitization. India already has ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative in place; this is a good step towards better nation, a cleaner one. Do not think about adjusting with unsanitary conditions. Demand a clean surrounding to ensure a safer and better future for you and your loved ones.