Friday, 15 December 2017

Things Your Doctor Wants You To Know

Your doctor is not a miracle worker. Your doctor is a hard working professional whose aim is to help you live a better life. But it won’t be possible without your co-operation in more than one way. Here are a few things that your doctor wants you to know. Following and understanding these details will make life easier for both you and your doctor.

1)      Develop continuity

Changing doctors now and then will not help you get better. A second opinion is always good, but it is advisable to stick to one doctor and develop continuously. This doctor will understand your history better and will be better equipped to handle your problems.

2)      Respect

Your doctor is a professional offering highly valued service. It is pertinent to not only respect them as a professional but also respect their work. This basically means being on your best behavior and extending the courtesy and respecting their time and efforts. Respect their time and efforts. Turn up for your appointments, inform ahead if you are unable to do so.

3)      Ask questions

It is important to ask questions. Don’t just accept what your doctor tells you to do, ask questions, voice your concerns and clear your doubts. No question is too insignificant or stupid when it comes to your health.

4)      Take your medicines

Your doctor has prescribed your medication for a reason. Feeling better is not an indicator of good health. To ensure that the antibiotic work and complete the course. Completing the course increases the efficacy of the medication.

5)      Be honest

Do not lie to your doctor. No matter how insignificant or embarrassing you think your problem might be, try and be completely honest with your doctor about your situation. They rely on your statements a lot more than you think.

6)      Avoid internet fueled self-diagnosis

The internet is wonderful for information, but using this information for self-diagnosis and self-medication based on information availed from the internet. It is best to consult your doctor. Do not try to overrule your doctor’s opinion based on what you have learned from the internet.

7)      Bias

Men or women, gender is inane when it comes in a doctor’s skill. Skilled professional no matter who they are will treat you well, irrespective of their gender. Look for a doctor who has the right certification, experience, good reviews and expertise. It is these factors that matter, not their nationality, religion, caste or gender.

8)      Doctors have a personal life

Doctors are humans and just like you they have a personal life, a family and friends. Remember that they too have a home to go to, make sure that you don’t leave things to the last moments for them. Emergencies can’t be helped everyone known that but to expect your doctor at your beck and call is wrong.