Thursday, 23 March 2017

Digital Marketing Predictions & Analysis for 2017

Smart Insights into Digital Marketing that will give you an edge

Digital Marketing is getting large, complex and sassy. As you would have rung in the New Year fine-tuning marketing strategies for 2017, the most evolving field of Digital Marketing is a serious contender to your marketing success plan. The sooner you strike on the right nerve of internet users, the better the chances of staying ahead of the curve. While every industry is going gaga over this medium, it is important to understand what will or won't work in the digital year ahead.

Based on the research and association of 350 national brands, StacyDeBroff, CEO and founder of Influence-Central(a portal that connects brands with consumer insights) shares her observation about this medium that can re-define your focus as a smart marketer of 2017.

What's the game changerin the digital world?

1.   Brand Revolution through Social Media- social media has given more and more power than ever to drive, change or prioritise consumer purchasing decisions. Online reviews, shares and feedbacks influence consumer choice and thus product rankings. Brands must stay attune to these trends.

2.   AI (Artificial Intelligence) will continue to thrive - Artificial intelligence is making waves in the digital technology. As a marketer you cannot overlook the technological innovation it offers to every technology enabled service, thing, application or pinpoint analytics that predict consumer needs. Healthcare marketers brace that AI is changing Healthcare in its entirety. AI seems to be a great boon for medical practioners for diagnosis and mining medical data that makes it undeniably big.

3.    Mobile Optimization - Finally mobile has taken over the legacy of desktops and laptops. I am also probably assuming you are reading this on your mobile device. On-the-go consumerism is on the rise. Google Smart insights say 80% of internet users own a Smartphone. Innovative apps for mobiles pushes the need for a digital mobile strategy, if you haven't done it already, you cannot ignore it anymore!

4.    Intrusive marketing is a consumer turn-off- As a consumer, you would have resented those pesky tele-marketing calls, tacky magazine inserts or pop up banner Ads that go out of the way to command attention. While social media platforms have been a chosen marketing platform, 2017 is predicted to see consumers walking out of any medium that gets aggressively pushy.

5.    Big Data is Big Money- Big data has changed the way to do business for companies big and small.  The digital age has brought with it tons of data that marketers must leverage to make effective digital campaigns. Detecting changing trends, consumer behaviour and preferences can maximize a digital campaign making it more personalized with the help of Big Data. Big Data inevitably means Big Money!

Keeping the above trends in mind, outline your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy. It is time for a change now!