Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why it's time for doctors to say bye to old school marketing techniques?

Keeping up with tips and tricks of Online Marketing Strategies for doctors is as imperative as for any other internet savvy start up you may find these days. It is that age when most patients will consider doctors that can boast of a good online reputation in an unravelling competitive market.  Leveraging the online presence for doctors means getting noticed, establishing a brand name, building loyalty and finally amounting to an increased patient base and improved satisfaction.

A Google Think study that doctor's should reckon on-

This soaring percentage of patients going online for medical information's suggests that the well informed and net savvy patient is not only taking responsibility of their own health but that doctors also have no option but to embrace the digital age.

Although it could be a bit overwhelming platform for doctors, who once thrived on the patient's reference and word of mouth to accept the paradigm shift, it is a good idea to be there and tap the power of internet.

4 Online marketing ideas for doctors that will pay off

A few "must have" online marketing strategies that most doctor's should implement are:

  •  Differentiation - Before drawing out what internet strategy will work best for you, it is first important to be cognizant of what distinguishes you and your practice from others. Do you offer patient- centric care? Are you well facilitated in terms of equipments and machines? or that you are the Best Specialist in town? This singular factor can be the key to a successful marketing campaign.
  • Online Exposure- Exploiting the web exposure is the first step to connect to your patients and market your practice to the Health Care Industry. An attractive SEO friendly website that not only stands away from competition, but also allows easy navigation and a good user experience will go a long way in optimizing your visitors base. Be versatile in updating news, blogs and social networking links. Unleashing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn& Twitter can hardly be undermined as an effective patient engagement tool. The more you are talked about, the better the recall.Google My Business is a one-stop listing which allows not only  your local business to appear on search, maps and Google+ but also climb higher in rankings. Bring into play all the online practices and create successful stories!
  • Get Mobile Friendly - Mobile is not the future, it is Now!. Ever since smartphones and tablets have replaced the traditional devices, it would be oblivious to ignore the mobile web traffic. Making your website responsive to  electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets is the smartest way to unleash your internet traffic.
  • Campaign Development-  Creating a publication schedule that will keep your patients awareness in sync with your developments and research will help educate them and differentiate you as  a medical provider. Crafting a physician campaign engages a relevant audience and helps you go that extra mile in building credibility.