Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Need For Technological Advancement In The Healthcare Industry

Technology has intruded almost every aspect of human lives. If you were planning a holiday at the hills or shop for best brands online, you are quite likely to search for a health care specialist or a healthcare solution using the irrefutable power of internet. From locating where is the closest dental clinic to getting reviews about the cosmetic surgeon you were planning to visit, technology has changed the way we access healthcare.

At a recent digital marketing event, Google’s healthcare business lead Shivalika Singh mentioned that one in 20 searches on Google are healthcare related. This highlights the internet's ubiquitous ability to potentially empower patients.

The challenge remains in finding the right information!

The way we find information is often the challenge. Healthcare brands and organizations need to evaluate the digital expectations and demands of patients. The wealth of information that is disseminated to patients, is often impersonal, irrelevant or invalidated. The reality of online health that is being offered by healthcare brands or organization is still trailing behind, something that they really cannot afford in this digital age.

The need for a positive, radical change in Digital Healthcare
The opportunity for digital healthcare brands is to create services and products that are tailored around the patient. Taking the example of Airbnb's hospitality solutions works perfectly for people wanting to lease or rent short-term lodging enabling simplified transactions and other supports.  Likewise, the need for a simple healthcare solution that offers efficient and streamlined booking systems, patient enquiries and opening the doors to an "interactive healthcare" platform will change the future of online healthcare. Online conversations about health in social networks, participation of doctor's online, all lead to better engagement and open the doors to improved healthcare and well-being. Data needs to be well analysed, real-time with recommendations in moving the way forward for Digital Healthcare.

Integrating the above said is about empowering and inspiring a perfect healthcare and patient equation. Now is the time for technology in healthcare to spell avant-garde!