Friday, 5 May 2017

Smart Ways To Boost Your Practice’s Online Presence

Today with the digital revolution, everything about a doctor and his practice can be found with a simple search button. But building a healthy and successful online presence may be a daunting and overwhelming task. No matter what the type of business, restaurant, hotel, electronic gadgets, cars or even physicians now are decided based on online reviews and web presence.  It is not just about grabbing the client’s eyeballs, but making your online presence strong, impressive and trustworthy.

Attracting new patients and holding on to existing ones requires optimizing your web presence across multiple channels and capitalizing on consumer-driven trends. Here are a few insights into ensuring your online presence is accurate and optimized:

  • Get your directory updated -The first and foremost step would be to make sure your medical information is accurate on physician rating sites and medical directories. Doctor search directories should be made valuable with a unique profile photo, customized bio (your story, experience, treatment and philosophy) and an updated insurance plan that your patients can accept.
  • Get listed on Google My Business –It is a no brainer that Google is supreme and it is absolutely imperative that you feed your practice information to Google. Making your prospective patients find you is most vital to any medical practice and Google My Business is one such platform that empowers your patients to locate you through the tools like Maps, Google+ and Google places. Make sure you update your business information to Google from time to time in order to provide your patients the maximum, correct information in hand.

  • Get a Mobile Optimized Website- Claimed as one of the best SEO practice, a mobile friendly website means that your visitors( patients ) have an optimized experience accessing your website from any device, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. To see if your current website is mobile optimized, copy/paste the URL into Google’s handy Mobile Friendly Tester.

Key Takeaway

Building an optimized online presence is not something to stress about but to get started. A Healthy Online presence will not only help you connect with the right clients but also help you establish your brand and benefit your practice in the long run. It is however not a one time practice and requires continuous updates and patient engagement mechanisms to amplify your business potential. Feedbacks and reviews must be monitored and responded to ensure an open line of communication. Online presence when implemented adequately and precisely will make you shine!