Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Unlock New And Personalized Marketing Practices For Cosmetic Surgeons

Marketing techniques for cosmetic surgery and the aesthetic industry is a speciality in the medical industry that needs a competitive and pro-active plan. When it comes to elective procedures in plastic surgery, it needs a special consideration in identifying your demographics, your competition and current surgery trends to get an idea of where you should focus your efforts.

Putting an effort to attract the right patient, convert and retain them in today’s ever competitive environment will involve understanding these patients, why they chose you over all the others stay loyal to you and refer their friends to you. Then there is also the need to effectively communicate with your target patients. Patients in this highly informative world, have to be spoken in their language that makes them feel comfortable enough to address and reach out their concerns. Effective communication between provider and patient should be a two-way street, allowing the patient to communicate back with you.

Here are some marketing strategies that will help you boost your patient base and change more lives:

Internet Marketing to drive in targeted traffic - Commonly referred to as online marketing is the most significantly practiced marketing practice to target right customers with huge ROI’s and pay-offs. Broken down to areas such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimization, internet marketing addresses more than 75% of plastic surgery patients looking for Cosmetic Surgeons Online. The target market for such audience should be defined taking into consideration patient age, demographics, education, income levels and psycho graphics.

Craft your online presence with positive and decisive branding - A positive brand perception helps in expediting the client’s decision. Positive experiences, reviews and relationships build a unique reputation and help position your brand in the minds of your prospective patients. Online reputation management with regular review management and increasing patient interactions and engagement creates a positive image and brand.

Promote via Website and Social Media - Most patients follow traditional paths of reviewing your website content that lists your services, provides testimonials and demonstrates your surgery skills with an assortment of before and after photos. Promoting Facebook videos of procedure with details will benefit them with a visual experience and help answer many questions they may have in mind. Facebook Ads are yet another way to spread the message about your practice fast and cost effective. Knowledge is power. Promoting useful and informative content through blogs can increase viewership and help them stay engaged.

Employ Brand Ambassadors - Your previous patients are the biggest resource of your referrals and will encourage new ones to consider aesthetic procedures. Partnering with brand ambassadors who have credible following will help advocate your brand to new clients and optimize your marketing efforts.