Thursday, 8 June 2017

Top 3 Ways To Improve Patient Experience

Your patients are an integral part of your medical practice. Well treated patients enhance medical practice and ultimately boost your revenue.In today’s digital era, patient experience is much more far reaching than what it was ten years ago.

Accenture’s prediction states that by 2019, 64% of all Healthcare Appointments will be scheduled digitally and it’s clear that providers and doctors find themselves right in the middle of a huge turning point in the patient experience history. With the deluge of customers turning to internet to search for doctors and treatment online, most caretakers may not be ready to provide the kind of results patients are looking for and what impacts is the patient’s experience.

A significant hurdle faced by the physicians has been tackled with the advent of e-surveying and online patient feedbacks. Substantial changes in improvement strategies can be implemented to improve their performance and allow a significant and sustainable change.

Improving patient experience does not take huge resources or massive investments in technology, but a few simple yet effective online tools to boost the future of patient care in patient experience.

Here are top 3 solutions to implement change and improve patient care:

  1. Implement a robust “Find a Doctor” search platform- A robust online scheduling platform will lead to better experience for patients with quality and convenience offered to urgent care as compared to traditional booking systems. Aligning demand and supply, a search platform will provide timely, easy and accurate access to healthcare and elevate patient experience.
  2. Learn from User experience and view patients holistically–Pre-visit to post visit are vital phases of patient experience and is very crucial in the patient engagement process. Designing a rewarding patient experience from pre-visit to post-visit with innovative marketing strategies for appointments, follow ups with a patient centric approach with an interface encompassing all such aspects will naturally build trust and loyalty.
  3. Physicians need to become “health designers”- The host of information with easy access to internet has given patients everything they need right at their fingertips. What they don’t have is an expert to put all the information together in the right format to offer as a holistic solution. The future of patient care lies in optimizing patient experience.