Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Healthcare Now At Your Fingertips!

Until a decade ago if you were looking for quality healthcare it meant sitting on the fence. From choosing among the abundant clinics and medical practioners or relying on family and friends for recommendations, finding the right doctor that fits your bill was anything but a cakewalk.

When you visited the clinic, a lot of important questions still remained unanswered. How long do I have to wait for my turn? Is the doctor a reliable and friendly one? (If you were a first timer), what are the consultation fees? Will I get an insurance cover? And the list could go on to unearth many unexplored territories screening for locations, speciality, service offerings and others.In the pursuit for quality Healthcare, time and money eventually were the precious means that were put on the bargain.

Thanks to the fruits of technological advancements in healthcare today, we can fend off the mentioned bottlenecks and hindrances in choosing and availing better Healthcare

According to a 2011 Pew study, 80% of Internet users look for health information online, making medical inquiries the third most popular web-based pursuit, following only email and search engine use.

How AboutClinic has made the difference in healthcare space

AboutClinic is an innovative digital health platform that helps patient’s find, compare and connect with doctors and care providers at the convenience of time and home comfort. With its user friendly interface it offers reliable and quick solutions to your medical queries, from across the globe. Yes! You can now find the best surgeon to get a nose job done at your home at the click of a finger. An Information Technology Company, AboutClinic is equipped with the crucial know-how of health care services and supported with research in clinical processes; it not only brings together patients and caregivers but also equips them to profitably optimize their experience through this assembly.

What AboutClinic offers for Patients- Getting a quick yet detailed first hand information about a doctor or a clinic and making an informed decision without having to leave your home can be a significantly comforting. With AboutClinic you have access to not just a wide range of doctors globally, but also empower yourself  to make the right choice by going through doctor reviews, real time treatment results and compare costs. Key benefits to patients include:
  • Hassle free, seamless registration
  • Find Best Doctors from a wide range of listed MD’s
  • Know your doctors well with up-to- date  ratings and reviews
  • Quick Response from Clinic
  • Book an Appointment
  • Find latest health articles and medical information
 What AboutClinic offers for Doctors/ Health-care providers- Doctors and care providers now have a versatile online platform to reach out to a wider set of patients seeking medical help by registering with AboutClinic at no cost. Additionally, they can prescribe and post the line of treatment after necessary medical evaluation of the patient leading to better time management on both parts. In a world dominated by internet AboutClinic aims to offer an effective digital marketing solution as against the old school traditional and expensive medical marketing techniques. Supported with verified patient testimonials, blogs, social media display and consistent SEO efforts, doctors have a bigger and better visibility of their expertise. Key benefits to doctors include:
  • Simple and Free Registration
  • Post your treatment
  • Improve your Clinic
  • Reach Global audience
  • Market your presence digitally
  • Online Reputation Management
 Making good of all the key features, AboutClinic helps to enhance treatment and outcomes by making them quick, reliable, time and cost effective. With the motto of ‘patients first’, along with ‘care for the caregivers’, AboutClinic pledges to make the world around happier and healthier."