Friday, 28 April 2017

Medical Marketing Challenges Faced By Doctors And Ways To Resolve Them

There are many accomplished doctors we come across who are burning out an invisible battle in their everyday lives trying to find a perfect balance between a sense of satisfaction and financial well being in their profession. Regardless of the number of years dedicated to formal education and practice, most struggle to become reasonably successful while some still find it harder to break even.

The battle out there is not all fair!

Essentially there are no short cuts to the pain, patience and perseverance involved in becoming a competent and qualified medical practitioner. The journey begins with qualifying for a reputed MBBS program that takes five and half years of education coupled with a compulsory internship and eight years or more if you want to get into the specialization of your choice. In a cut-throat competitive world we live in, it may ideally take doctorsa little more than a decade (depending upon their personal expertise) to set a firm foot on establishing their practice. The agony still endures. Are you really adequately rewarded for all the slog and sweat you gave in to all these years? Have the whopping capital investments made towards beefing up your clinic infrastructure paid off? Do you still worry that despite your skills and rich experience, you may not have enough number of patients to see?

What can Doctors do to even out the odds?

There are concrete steps doctors can take to minimize these challenges and stay ahead of competition and the good news is that it is not typically taking the conventional route of upgrading systems, adding support staff and getting special training to do the kind of outreach and coordination that make a successful practice.  At AboutClinic we realize that as a good doctor, you need to maintain a steady clientele as well as attract new patients to optimize your investments, financial and academic. We can help you maximize your potential and overcome your professional barriers in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.
Some key guidelineswe suggest for communicating effectively with existing clientele and finding prospective patients are:
  • Build a professional website for your practice- this is imperative to almost any professional or business. Remember that it should be a reflection of your brand and practice.
  • Exploit the power of social media strategy with an active Facebook page & Twitter handle. Share smart and useful content for better patient engagement and spreading the word about your practice.
  • Utilize online marketing strategies like E-mail marketing to share your medical practice updates & offers to prospective patients.
  • Use Electronic referral program to identify trends and keep track of referral colleagues
  • Grow your patient base by engaging in powerful search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and reach out to more consumers and attract new businesses.

Achieving marketing success is an on-going effort with the above guidelines. However there is no “one size fits it all” approach that can work for all medical practices. At AboutClinic, we devise tailor made solutions to your marketing needs to best suit your professional objectives. Our aim is to improve patient experience, professional growth and personal satisfaction and address your marketing challenges under a single roof.
What is your biggest challenge as a physician? Let us know your concerns and find out more on what we can do for you at